Fishing Report:

Bull Reds Will Eat Anything When They're Hungry

Author: Michael McAnulty

  • Fishing For Bull Reds In The Surf
  • On several of my recent trips I've landed trophy bull reds on baits that they are not normally known to eat. I was spending 5 days on bolivar dropping baits chasing sharks and trying to catch a winning redfish for a tournament. I was excited for this trip to use my new tld 25 and break it in on a nice shark. I was using the normal normal bait jack,ray,sheepshead,cownose,and of course mullet. Every mullet I threw I was catching gafftop instead of redfish so I finally gave up on trying to catch redfish and decided to use a hardhead for bait. The first run I had I figured it was a shark but turned out it was a bull red a 43" caught on a 6" gafftop catfish. On the initial run I believed it to be a small shark but when I landed it I was shocked to find out it was a redfish. The second encounter with a redfish while I was chasing sharks was a 40" red I caught on a chunk of jack that I dropped 300 yards off the beach. I have heard of them eating small sand trout and of course smaller reds but I had never heard of saltwater catfish and jack crevalle being part of the redfish diet along the upper Texas coast. I have caught numerous big bullreds on the shores of bolivar but the last month 2 catches stood out to me and I'll remember them for a lifetime. It is my conclusion that if they find it they'll eat it if they are hungry enough.

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