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Bridge Monsters!

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Florida Keys Spring Bridge Fishing Report (2019)

On this night of fishing we decided to go fish a bridge with storms all around us hoping we could dodge them. we spent some time rigging everything up and when the sun went down we started deploying baits, early on in the night we hooked into something that broke us off on some kind of bottom structure. My guess was a big goliath that was in or near structure upon pick up of are bait.

Big Goliaths Can Be Caught From Keys Bridges With Proper Tackle

We were kinda bummed but the night was early so we re-rigged that rod and all baits were out again shortly after. later that night lauren hooks into a monster goliath grouper and after a good solid tug of war gets this fish straight up and down on the bridge, we new right away this was her personal biggest by far so that was another awesome thing about this giant fish!

Big Florida Keys Bridge Goliath Grouperl

About 2 hours later my rod gets hit and I also hook up to a monster goliath that was just a bit smaller than Laurens , I couldn't believe it!

Two giants in one night!


Spring Can Also Bring Good Shark Action From The Bridges

We were pretty stoked about it all and to top it off a few hours later are buddy will spud caught a nice bull that we decided to rope and bring up! no gaffs were used and everything was released of course.

Shark Fishing From Florida Keys Bridges
Will and the crew with his bull

Last but not least the next morning we spent hours on end fishing for Spanish mackerel and enjoying the view!

Spanish Mackerel From Florida Keys Bridge
Here is mikey with one of many Spanish mackerel we caught from the bridge!

Great times with good people, hope yall enjoy the post!

Ninja sharkers

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