Fishing Report:

Bridge Lemon Shark By Jonathan And Big Bridge Bull Shark Caught By Luis

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Fishing For Sharks From Keys Bridges

Jonathan and Luis decided to hit a bridge they had a good feeling about. It's a windy night in the Florida Keys. Jonathan and Luis have some good baits and once the tide is going in the direction they want they deploy baits. It doesn't take much time and Jonathan gets picked up. The Shark commits and Jonathan sets up. He's on and Jonathan gets control of the Shark pretty quickly. Bridge Fishing is nothing like the beaches. You need to be ready to move right or left and quickly. Take too long and you can lose the fish to the many obstacles that favor the Sharks on the Keys Bridges. Jonathan gets the Shark straight up and down and they walk it to the base of the bridge for some pics before a good quick release. After the release it's back up the bridge and time to deploy baits once again.

Bull shark

 It's late at night now and Jonathan and Luis are pretty much both asleep when Luis's 14/0 gets picked up solid. Luis sticks the Shark and this Shark starts taking a very good amount of line out in that Keys current. Luis has a lot of experience on the bridges and he is quick to move and keep the Shark from wrapping him on a power pole. After a very good fight the Shark is in close and it's a Big Hefty Bull Shark. She is close to 9ft Long with a very large girth.  Finally the Shark is straight up and down and now the walk to the base of the bridge begins. The Bullbuster Grander leader works great on the beaches but just as good on the Bridges. It helps walk the Shark Down to the Base of the Bridges, but more importantly its very resistant against bridge pilings etc. A few good pics taken and off the Bull Shark goes. Another great trip!

Bull shark

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