Fishing Report:

Braunig Lake Red Fish (4/7/17)

Author: Christopher Meza

Fishing For Redfish In San Antonio  (April)

Another good weekend of fishing with a fellow ambassador Lalo jake ojeda at Braunig Lake. Went back to chase some freshwater reds from the bank and fished the same exact spot again. This time around we used live crawfish and fish bites. We used crawfish and fish bites together or we used fish bites by itself with various flavors mixed with each other (Shrimp, crab & crawfish). We ended up with seven reds and one hybrid. 

The biggest red caught measured at 35-½ inch and the hybrid measured at 22 inches. We caught at least 20 keeper reds but we kept the bigger fish.

My Line of choice is 25lb Bullbuster premium monofilament spooled on an Avet sx with an 11ft surf rod.  Distance and getting the right bait out far enough has produced red fish for us consistently.  We also use bullbuster 100lb class crimps and premium monofilament to make our leaders. We like going heavier due to having rocks, tangled up lines and random junk along the banks. That can break us off when fighting the fish.

Fellow ambassador Lalo jake ojeda spooled up two of our fishing buddies reels. One of them was a 7000 ic3 and the other reel is a Calcutta 700s. Both were spooled with 25lb Bullbuster premium monofilament. We wanted to share with these guys how good this line has been for us for casting and its tenacity to be very abrasion resistant against rocks and junk we have here along the shoreline.

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