Fishing Report:

Brauing Lake

Author: Christopher Meza

Lake fishing in San Antonio, Texas

Fiesta Fishing Festival

Another good weekend of fishing with fellow ambassador Lalo Jake Ojeda at Braunig Lake.  If you haven’t read any of my articles or watched any of our videos on YouTube you’ll notice that we fish our local lakes almost every weekend.  One of the reasons why I fish here so often is because of the freshwater reds, hybrids and catfish. It’s not really the best lake to fish but if I cant hit the surf or jetties down south then I’m totally ok with fishing my local lakes.  Out of the entire state of Texas we happen to have two lakes with freshwater reds and they are the only two lakes with freshwater reds in San Antonio, Texas.

Fresh crawfish was the key to catching my limit of reds.

I mean, wouldn’t you fish this place after work and catch some freshwater reds and not have to drive 2 hours? Don’t get me wrong as much fun as it is to catch reds here, this lake also comes with downfalls.  In my experience we have too many inexperienced kayakers, boaters and people fishing off the bank. Im not trying to say i'm an expert but seen too many people take chances out here. 

I seen people who are new to kayaking flip, go out on the worst conditions possible and wear no life jacket. People on boats have no respect for people fishing off the banks and they simply cant understand that they should really never need to get no where no the bank unless of an emergency. I say this because I have been spooled of all my line and just this past weekend a boat caught two of our lines because they decide to come to close and people fishing off the bank cant seem to stop stealing stuff that does not belong to them. Beside all the negative comments about my local lakes its still a fun place to fish and surrounding yourself with people who enjoy fishing as much as I do makes it much more enjoyable.

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