Fishing Report:

Boynton Beach Kingfish Report

Author: Mike Milewski

Offshore Fishing In Boynton Beach

I am not sure where time has gone, but it is almost March and Kingfish tournament season is here!! I have been preparing all week for our first Kingfish tournament in 2019. Of course, all our reels have been respooled with 30lb (blue color) bullbuster mono!! Also, all reels have been topped off with Bullbuster 40lb floro carbon leader!

We have been out the last few weeks working mostly areas from the Breakers south. However we did make a run up to Jupiter two weeks ago. Unfortunately, we have not be able to locate the smokers that we were trying to find. We did find plenty of action with kings 20lb and under.

Most of the action we have seen has been on the shallow side 75-100ft of water. We tried fishing a bit deeper off the ledge in Juno, but was not rewarding for our efforts. Never the less we keep grinding and took a few fish home for dinner for you and the team.

In our spread we have gogs, runners and few ribbon fish down deep. All hooked with stinger rigs to make the most out of our bites. We did have a few big bites, but ended up losing those “Mystery” fish.

We did find the motherload of Cudas!! If are looking to catch big Cudas check out the Castor Reef off Delray. Set up your kingfish spread in 85 feet and have some fun! This is a great way for new anglers to learn the technique without a lot of pressure. We spent some time working on our communication when we have a double going on.

As always thanks Bullbuster for producing the best products and taking care of our Team! It is a pleasure to support Bullbuster!!! 

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