Fishing Report:

Boynton Beach Dolphin Fishing

Author: Mike Milewski

Boyton Beach Dolphin Fishing Report

Lately the dolphin fishing in South Florida has been quite good. Dolphin also known as “mahi” or dorado is one of the most popular game fish to target in South FL. Of course there multiple ways to target these fish such as kite fishing, chunking and of course trolling.

In this article I want to talk about trolling and working a productive area. First let’s cover the basics. It is extremely important before deploying your spread to find a productive area to work. This will include well established weed lines, rips, color changes, temp breaks, diving birds, or any type of debris that would hold fish. We will use a run and gun method to locate a productive area. Unfortunately finding these fish can be the hardest part. Dolphin are constantly on the move.  They can found in 50ft to thousands of feet of water.

Now Depending on the size/layout of your vessel this will determine how many lines you can put in your spread. For us we have a center console and on a good day we can troll up to seven lines. We let out a shot gun bait first either a small feather or a daisy chain. Next we will deploy the deep baits Bonita strips/skirted ballyhoo utilizing two different size planners. Lastly we will run two lines on each of our outriggers with ballyhoo or small chugger style lures.  Once your spread is out your trolling speed will vary depending on sea conditions and current. Keep a close eye on all your baits and adjust your speed accordingly.

Bam!! Fish on! Make sure you keep your boat in gear and if possible keep as many lines out without causing lines to tangle. When there is one dolphin there are more! I always mark my spot on my GPS and circle back when possible. Another good tip to increase your chances of additional dolphin on the first bite is to keep a pitch bait ready to go. I like to have a white buck tail jig on a spinning rod.

If you are in South FL get out there and find some Dolphin!

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