Fishing Report:

Boynton Beach Dolphin And Tuna Report

Author: Mike Milewski

It is that time of year when getting offshore can be difficult or not possible with fronts constantly moving in. However, we try and make the best of every weekend, keep the rods bent, and put some fish in the box.

Lately out of Boynton Beach, FL we have been keeping busy with dolphin and blackfin tuna. The blackfin tuna have been limited to low light conditions, either in the AM or late afternoon. Which is very typical for blackfin in South FL waters. The blackfin on the troll have been hitting daisy chains, small feathers and Bonita strips (mono leader) on a #4 planner. We have been working the ledge picking up these football black-fins. The magic water depth out of Boynton has been anyway from 220-480ft.

On the flip side we have been able to locate and find dolphin most of the day. The hard part is located them off shore. The typical rules always apply! Find a weed line, rip, temp break, debris, birds or anything else that is holding bait. Once a spot located trolling that area can be very productive, and you will cover a lot of ground. But lately instead of getting out the trolling spread immediately we have been throwing out some chunks of sardines, ballyhoo, herring, Bonita or whatever chunk bait we have cut up for the trip. Remember, just a few pieces at a time. We still need these dolphin to eat our actual bait. On this this day we were casting white buck-tail jigs and within 5 minutes we had two on and a few minutes they were in the box.

The good news is in another few weeks we should start to be encountering Lake Atlantic condition on a regulator basis. Time to start fishing tournaments and trips to the Bahamas!!

As always thanks Bullbuster for producing the best products to get our fish in the box!!

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