Fishing Report:

Boynton Beach Black-Fin Tuna Fishing

Author: Mike Milewski

Spring Blackfin Tuna Bite

Blackfin Tuna On The Troll

Its that time of year in South Florida where fishing is heating up!! During the spring time April and May we tend to see some of the best fishing of the year due to the spring migration of Tuna (Blackfin), dolphin and large Kingfish moving to the north.

Football Blackfin Tuna On The Troll

Kite Fishing For Blackfin Tuna

We have been specifically targeting black-fins the last few trips. I wanted to provide some insight on what has been working for us. There are two different techniques that work very well here in South East Florida. The first is going to be kite fishing. When kite fishing I do feel we tend to catch larger blackfin tunas, some will be in the 25lb range as well. Kite fishing is extremely productive and creates a stealthy way of presenting live baits. 

Gear Needed For Kite Fishing For Blackfin Tuna

Specialized gear when using this approach is listed below: 

Kites- (Match the kite to the wind speed for optimal use)

Electric Kite Reel- (Not mandatory, however very efficient)  

Kite Trident

Kite rods set up with kite terminal tackle

Kite Leaders- 30-40lb Floro Carbon(Bullbuster) to a circle hook matched to your bait size

Live Bait- Gog’s, pilchards, or threadfins

Live Bait Nets

Kite balloons and helium for light wind days

Trolling For Blackfin Tuna

The other technique is trolling which is also very productive and eliminates the need for specialized kite fishing equipment and live bait. This is my preferred method when I am going out for a quick 2hr trip in the morning or night, especially short handed or with new anglers.

Its up to the captain and crew, however you can run as many lines as you feel comfortable doing.  For me on a short trip I am going to run a five-line spread. Which will consistent of the following:

Shotgun/Long Line: Squid Daisy Chain (I prefer the color Pink)

Daisy Chain For Blackfin Tuna

Port down bait (Long): 18oz lead, 50ft 80lb (Bullbuster)shock cord to 60lb floro Carbon (leader) to a Bonita stirp.

Starboard bait (Short): 48oz lead, 50ft 80lb (Bullbuster)shock cord to 60lb floro Carbon (leader) to a rigged ballyhoo.

Port Rigger: Squid Daisy Chain

Starboard Rigger: Squid Daisy Chain

Where To Troll For Blackfin Tuna In South Florida

Now that you have your favorite spread out we troll from 150ft-400ft up and down the ledge and locate the bite. Once we locate the bite we hit mark on our GPS unit and work that water depth until the bite shuts down or the Tuna move.

Normally we are able to swing back around a few times and pick off a few more in the same general area and water depth before moving on.

The End Result!

Seared Blackfin Tuna

Now that you have the basics, get out there and find some Blackfins!!

Blackfin Tuna Coming Over The Rail

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