Fishing Report:

Blood Moon Stud Wahoo

Author: Mike Milewski

Full Moon Wahoo Fishing!

Down here in South FL targeting wahoo around the moon is very popular and can be very productive.  The majority of people will target these amazing and allusive fish three day before and three days after the full moon. Reports were coming in of wahoo being caught on Wednesday from pompano to Palm Beach. We knew wahoo were around and for sure wanted to land one!

I gave my buddy a call that has it dialed in when it comes to wahoo fishing. We made a plan and decided to fish the full moon after work on Friday. As we pulled off the dock we prepped a few baits and could not stop talking about all the wahoo reports the last few days. We were going to run a 3-4 bait spread depending on the conditions. Once we cleared the inlet the water clarity looked great and scattered weed was minimal.

We put the spread out with two baits down deep one on a planer and one on a trolling lead. Between the planner and the trolling lead we use a two hundred pound shock cord which, then is connected to the wire leader of our skirted ballyhoo. The other two lines are flat lines which are sent out of the outriggers. The port side bait is way back in a shotgun position and the starboard bait is set just past the white water.

It is now 8:00pm and we have not gotten a bite. We are almost out of light and decided to start pulling in the baits. Of course then the planner bait gets hit and the 50W is screaming!! We are on and know that is the wahoo we were looking for. It was give and take for 30 minutes, but finally we grab the leader! This wahoo is still going crazy and is all over the place. He comes within range, gaff shot nailed and he is on the deck!! We are all screaming, yelling, and amazed at this stud wahoo!!

This will be a night to remember! Hopefully on the next full moon we will be able to repeat.

Thanks as always to Bullbuster for your support.!!

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