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Blacktip Migration 2019

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

February Blacktip Migration

 Going back a few months to one of my favorite times of the year when the blacktips migrate along side the East Coast of Florida. Tracking them down can some times be a little bit tricky. There has been times that we have completely striked out looking for them. But... when you do find one there will usually be an abundance of them around. You can fish for them close to shore on lighter tackle during the day and/or night.

  For me, a lot of driving and time were put into these trips but it was well worth it all in the end. We did our family trips as well as charters.  One trip specifically was my sons first trip out to the beach.

Gear For Fishing During The Blacktip Migration

 As far as gear is concerned there a couple different methods.  Surf casting with heavy spinning gear, 6500 reels and up to small conventional gear for casting or paddling out.

  On the spinning gear I used 50-65lb braided line and on the conventional  50lb mono. Along with heavy mono leader and #12-15 single strand wire with circle hooks.   I personally like to use longer leaders because these fish typically go air born a few times after they're hooked and they get wrapped up in your leaders. Also, I used spider weights as my go to when targeting them.

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Some Other Pics From Our Beach Blacktip Migration Trip

Blacktip Migration West Palm

Lauren hooked up to a nice blacktip shark from the beach.

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Blacktip Shark From The Beach

She landed her blacktip!

 Hope y'all enjoy this article! Tight lines!

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