Fishing Report:

"Black Tip Sharks"

Author: #TeamDorsal

Black tip sharks are very abundant in our areas at certain times of the year. We sometimes catch 10+ of them in one night : making for lots of fun on spinning gear. This is my true past time where it all started. I never jumped right into big reels fishing for the biggest fish I can find. I started off as a young kid growing up in our local community having fun and fishing with my friends. We didn't have much money growing up so the small spinning reels and 30lb mono is what we used. When fighting these blacktips on spinning gear you can have lots of fun. They get 5ft+ and can really put the smack down on you if you ain't ready. If you can get your hook placement right and fish with a tighter drag without losing your gear; this allows the circle hook to set perfect 9 out of 10 times. It also keeps them from being able to bite throw your mono leader because they wont be able to swallow the bait, also helps from getting gut hooked fish. Just make sure you go out with your 5ft PVC ROD HOLDERS and knock them in the sand about 2ft. That way they are firm and the fish can't steal your brand new Penn reels. Also this is so your rod tip will stay above the waves crashing on the first sandbar. We use 80lb bullbuster fluorocarbon for our leaders about 4ft tied to a 5oz - 8oz pyramid weight. Put a 8/0 non stainless steel circle hook on the leader and cut you a big chunk of whiting or mullet and cast out behind the first sand bar in the gut. Then do this 2 more times with two other rods but casting at different distances to lock in where they may be hunting at patrolling the water. The main reason also for the fluoro leader is more bite ratio. Also you can get red drum on this rig because drum are sketchy to steel. So doubling your chances for hook up and fun times/ thats what it is all about. We also eat blacktip and use the remains for larger shark bait on our big reels. Conservation is key though and we only keep what is necessary. Typically for every 10 released we keep one. This is to insure that we can keep going back to our favorite honey holes for many years to come and keep catching those fish. #TeamDorsal

"Black tip sharks are often confused with spinner sharks which have a size limit. Be sure to do your research so you can tell the two apart. Spinner sharks tend to have a black tipped anal fin but this is not true all the time. The main way to tell in dorsal fin placement and how the body is shaped. Do your research before you go targeting black tips to help avoid any accidental keeps which may resolve in fines and decline of endangered species. Thank you" 

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