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Black Drum Action

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Fishing For Black Drum With The Family

  I went out recently for a day of fishing with the family. For the first couple hours the bite was pretty  slow but then finally caught sight of a few large black drum hanging around the pilings. They weren’t too interested in anything that I was throwing at them though. So we left and went back a little while  later with some frozen crabs that  I had in the deep freezer and got myself one.

 Then we went back a couple days later and I caught an even bigger one. Actually the second one I caught there was my personal best using a live crab. You can free line the crabs live or fish them on the bottom. It all depends on the area and depth. The  biggest of the two put up an awesome fight on my Diawa  Ballistic  4000.  It seems like some times you really need to let them soak, dead or alive so be patient.

Shortly after that  Lauren hooked into a nice ray that we took home for shark bait and also her favorite of all shark baits. Awesome  way to end that trip. Caught on Bullbuster Braid & Bullbuster Monofilament.

Shark Bait

Landbased Black Drum Fishing

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