Fishing Report:

Big Ugly Black Drum

Author: Chase Smith

Cold Front Black Drum

Black Drum
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A couple nights ago before this cold front came through a buddy and I went out to try our hand at catching giant black drum. After I got off work we headed over to a local marina and tossed out some chicken on string to get a bucket full of candy sized blue crabs for bait. It took about an hour and a half and a lot of patience, but we managed to get about a dozen of them. We got to the spot on a strong incoming tide which we found to be the key in hooking these monsters because on other nights with an outgoing tide we couldn't hook anything but catfish. The rigs we were using were just your standard 8 oz egg sinker, swivel, 60 lb Bullbuster fluorocarbon leader and an owner J hook. After sitting for about 3 hours and missing two fish, my buddy finally hooked a beast and brought him up to the rocks where I climbed out to net him. The fish was so big it snapped my net right in half and caused me to fall over on the rocks. All in all it was a good night of fishing with perfect weather.  Hope you enjoyed my fishing report!

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