Fishing Report:

Big & Ugly

Author: #TeamDorsal

   Bridge donkeys big ugly bull black drums. If you ever hooked into one of these fish you will know it. They pull immense drag and give you a good fighting. When we target big black drum there is some key factors we look for in the area. First you wanna find structure like a bridge or a seawall ; something with a bunch of crabs all on it. These guys will go crazy over a fresh delicious blue crab. What I do is drop my crab pots around the area I will be fishing. Let those soak over night come back and pull them up. If I score a bunch of large blue crab I will keep the bigger ones to eat with a steak or seafood boil the following day. The small/medium ones are the best for black drums - throw back your females to keep our numbers healthy and keep your pots full. - We then cut the crab in half and hook it with a 6/0 circle hook connected to 30lb mono on a Carolina style rig. I typically use a pyramid weight about a 4oz because I like my baits to stick where I throw it until something picks it up. I keep the drag nice and loose so when the fish grabs it, I can let it run and set the hook. These large black drum are fun for a fight and to get the blood pumping. Their meat is mushy and can be filled with worms. Other then that though I let most of them go, especially if I think it is a female. A big male I will keep from time to time for shark bait. It is hard to tell the difference but the large males will have more of that big bull head that is just massive and wider then their body / females heads will be more slender and more fitting to their body. The one above was a female for those factors so I got a quick picture then safely released her to grow and reproduce. With everything happening out there today I try to focus on fishing more but also preserving the natural in Florida. I wanna be able to keep on coming to these little local honey holes and catching the same fish for years to come. 

Quick fun fact : a black drum can live for upwards of 40 to 50 years! What a awesome creature to share a moment in time with. Catch em up!


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