Fishing Report:

Big Trout, Flounder, Snook And More!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Wade Fishing For Snook, Flounder & Trout

I did a collaboration with a fellow youtube this past week who goes by the name of Fishaholic Fishing (actual name is Rich). Very cool dude from the Northeast who is use to striper fishing in some nasty surf. Well we decide to wade fish, as it was forecasted to be blowing offshore! 

The day started out with one of my favorite conditions, that being overcast with a  slight drizzle. I knew this would have the fish fired up. We started out the day with Rich's first and biggest snook, not big by any means, but for him it was a solid fish as he was new to the snook game. 

The next dock we approached, a 3ft blacktip shark charged right at me, got spooked and then charged my buddy Rich. Certainly a little creepy to encounter, but i figure it would happen eventually in the murky water. 

His next fish is one that I have been trying to get on all my wade trips and it has eluded me every time!!! Rich pulled up this fat mama trout in the 24-26inch range, the video does not do it JUSTICE!!!

Gator Speckled Trout

After that fish we were fired up to say the least. 

The next hour we landed two more snook, and I landed my personal biggest trout at around 20inches, certainly not big by any means, but for someone who has only wade fished 6 times it was a big deal to me!

Releasing A Sea Trout

We landed a handful more trout and I finished the day off with a flounder!

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