Fishing Report:

Big Snook In The Surf

Author: Team Reel Deal

Summer Surf Fishing For Snook

Jul 16th 2017

Our day started out doing some fresh water fishing for bass. Caught a few dinks and decided to head south to try to catch some bait for shark fishing. We took the boat out on the indian river to try to catch jacks lady fish or some blues using top water  and fished for about 2 hours and got one jack saw a bunch but nothing would bite. I was ready to call it a day but my buddy talked me into trying the surf. So our last stop was the ocean for bait and Didnt realize how crappy the surf was and almost decided to leave but we decided to stay to see if we could catch a big snook that people have been catching from the surf. I was using a sp Minnow and within 20 cast landed this beast and my new pb. What a rush to catch one of these from the surf. And whats crazy is that where i got this fish we were swimmimg not long before catching giant .This fish took maybe 10 min to get in and was caught and released safely back in the water to fight another day. Bullbuster braid pays off again. If your looking for good line at an affordable price check out and don't forget to use promo code cjone to get 10%off your order. Tight lines my friends. 

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