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Big Fish Are BACK!

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Port Charlotte Fishing Charters

In the spring we typically host three different types of charters.  Sometimes we combine them, but below is a sampling of what you can expect to see. We would love to know what you are interested in targeting so we can help you have the best charter experience possible. This also helps us to prepare for your trip.  There may be times when we let you know one has been working better than the other.  Check out our spring options below: 

Port Charlotte Goliath Grouper Charter

Goliath Grouper Charter In Port Charlotte

BIG fish are making a comeback.  From sharks and Goliath Grouper to BIG snook, or larger species are making themselves known to our charter guests.  Matt pictured above hooked into this HUGE Goliath during a recent trip. For these fish we use 600lb Bullbuster Mono, and sometimes THEY STILL BREAK IT!  We took it to the beach to collect a DNA sample for FWC.  Recently there has been talk about open this fish for harvest.  It has been protected since the 1980's when it was nearly wiped out due to over fishing.  They are a slow growing species, fish pictured is between 15-20 years old.

Port Charlotte Snook Charter

Snook Fishing Charter Florida West Coast

Inshore fishing has been a BLAST recently.  With our bait returning along our flats and beaches, the fish have been fired up.  Kevin pulled this snook out of some mangroves on a recent trip inshore.   For inshore fishing we like to use Bullbuster 20Lb braided fishing lines to pull these snook away from structure!

Port Charlotte Shark Charter

SHARKS are back!  Toothy friend pictured here is a Sandbar Shark.  We are seeing more and more sharks as the ocean heats up.  Most common species currently are 6-7 feet in size and are mostly blacktip/spinner, sandbar shark and hammerheads.  We use Bullbuster80LB Braid  to a circle hook for easy removal! Larger sharks arrive the end of April and range from 8-13 feet, sometimes larger.  Those are the ones you never get to measure. The  Every angler has an opportunity to name and tag their catch for marine research.  


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