Fishing Report:

Big Eyes & Yellowfin!

Author: The Tree Guy

Night Fishing For Yellowfin and Bigeye Tuna!

Rhode Island Yellowfin

With the technology we have today we never sit at home and read over charts and look for new structure. When we find something on a chart (buoys or structure) we never seem to go look if the chart does not specifically tell us what it looks like. 

Yellowfin Tuna Caught Chunking

 Well with a beautiful forecast and a strong crew we all hit the bean bag while we took turns driving a little over 100 miles. With a chain of nice looking structure in our canyons we decided to go all out and try to target Yellowfin Tuna on top water. After arriving to what we were unsure of the crew was fired up. A beautiful landmark all to ourselves that was completely untouched. Oh yes, an epic day ahead! First cast TIGHT! The day seemed to fly by after this! We had boated over 100 Yellowfin Tuna and released about 60 of them due to size. Now the crew stops and takes a second to clean the boat and eat some lunch. After the quick stop we decided to keep going. The only difference was the 3 fish we hooked were on for over 45 minutes. I looked to my right and said "guys these fish are acting like Bigeyes". After they laughed we kept fighting. I had my fish up first and sure enough it was a nice Bigeye!

Nice Bigeye Tuna

After landing the entire triple up we did this 5 more times and totaled 10 Bigeye Tuna on top water and jigs! After a long ride home we decided to go back the next day, and sure enough it was the same results!  Its been a great time testing out Bullbuster's braid

Bigeye Tuna Rhode Island Fishing

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