Fishing Report:

Big Dog Fat Cat & SKA Tournament

Author: Mike Milewski

2019 Big Dog Fat Cat Fishing Shootout

Team Reel Dreams was fishing the Big Dog Fat Cat Shootout, which also was a Division 10 SKA (Southern Kingfish Association) Tournament. The tournament was run out of Sailfish marina just inside Palm Beach inlet FL.

6:30am was lines in and we were not fishing close by. We had our boat Rigged and Ready by 4:00am and were off the dock by 4:30am to pick up some bait. Once our 46 gallon live well was loaded up we cleared the inlet and made our run, way north. We made it to our first spot just after 6:00amand were prepared for lines in! 

On the first drift our long line gets crushed and we were hooked up!! Lady angler Cindy Milewski grabs the reel and starts fighting a solid fish! We start to see some color and I am getting ready to gaff the fish and POP!!! Bye bye Smoker!!  We quickly set back up, however the bite seemed to have disappeared. We kept grinding it out, but very little action. By 9:45 we decided it was time to make a run further north.

On our way up the coast we spotted a nice rip! We decide to make a stop and within 10minutues our long line goes off and we were tight!! I grabbed the reel, got him boat side, and stuck him with the gaff. This king ended up being the biggest king of the day for the Team. It was good enough to hold on to 1st place in our SKA (Southern Kingfish Association) Single Engine Class. This fish also qualified the team for the 2019 SKA National Championship in Ft Pierce, FL!

We did make a move mid-day back down to Palm Beach to fish closer to our weigh in location. However we got covered by sharks! We continued to fish hard until lines out at 3:30, but were unsuccessful on getting another fish to the boat. The Tax Man (Sharks) were hungry for some free meals! 

We truly had a wonderful day making memories and living the Off Shore Life!

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