Fishing Report:

Big Cobia And Goliath's In The Gulf

Author: Albert Acosta

Gulf Of Mexico Fishing Report 

Everglades Area

Big Cobia
Cobia on Bullbuster Braid and Floro

The weekend was getting near and I called my buddy Ruben and his son Ryan and told them it was time to head out to the Gulf of Mexico. I had a feeling the cobia, permit snook, sharks and Goliath grouper would be on fire this was hot and the weather was going to be nice. The night before I prepared all my rods, reels and gear ready for the next days adventure. I loaded the Bullbuster floro on all the reels. I use 40 pound Bullbuster florocarbon for the big cobias and permit. It helps prevent break offs when you hook up to a big one!  We headed out nice and early before 4 a.m. and picked up the bait and headed out to the fishing grounds it was a beautiful day and it was really hot.  Once we arrived at the fishing grounds we scouted out the area looking for cobia and didn't take long, Ruben made a cast and on the first hit he had a nice snook! He caught the snook on a live pinfish.... snook love pinfish! Pinfish on a small jig or free lined are deadly for snook and many other species of fish. Most fish would find it impossible to pass up eating one.

Ruben Hits a Snook First Cast

 We kept moving around fishing different areas until we finally found some cobia. The Cobia were going around the boat, they were looking for bait fish and anything else that was swimming in the water. We made a couple of casts and we were on to some nice cobia! 

Rubens First Cobia!
Cobia on Artificial

 Ruben saw some cobia and made a cast... he was on! The best part of Ruben's cobia was that he caught it on an artificial swimming shad... it was awesome he made the cast the Cobia chased it down furiously and enhaled it! Cobia are aggressive feeders and will hit almost anything you throw at them. This was Rubens first cobia and he was one happy guy! 🤗🎣🐟  after Ruben landed the Cobia we had furious nonstop action that morning all the way to the early afternoon,  it was fish after fish...Cobia, sharks, jack crevalle, blue runners, and Goliath Grouper. Ruben and son Ryan hooked up to a nice jack crevalle...they made a nice hard runs and Ryan and Ruben fought the fish for a while and brought them to the boat and we got him them both into the net! They were beautiful jack crevalle and they are one of the hardest fighting fish you can mess with!

Rayan Lands Big Jack Crevalle
Big Jack Crevalle
Ruben with Jack Crevalle
Jack Crevalle

The fishing was intense for the rest of the day. We also had serous swarms of sharks bonnettheads, lemons, and sharpnose sharks attacking our baits. 

Ruben and Ryan Punishing the Sharks
Bonnetthead Shark
Sharpnose Shark
Shark Swarm

I decided to do some drifts and soak some dead baits in the water and before you know it in a few minutes I was on!!! A powerful run... I could see the big Cobia hit the bait and jump out of the water! I was in a tough battle but luckily I was using my heavy Penn Spinfisher 7500 loaded with Bullbuster 50 pound braid with 40 pound floro.... this cobia was in major trouble....he messed with the wrong set up. All I had to do was land this fish before a big bull shark or hammerhead shark swallowed my cobia...It was a race against time! After about a 10 to 15 minute fight we got him to the boat and Ruben gaffed it perfectly! We had him...a beautiful hard fighting delicious cobia! We were going to eat good that night! 

Nice Cobia
Dinner Time

It was a great day and the fishing was non stop! We could not have asked for anything more. Great friends and great fishing.... almost forgot... and great dinner! I hope you enjoyed my article and this helps you catch more fish! 🎣🐟🐟🐟 Remember spend more time fishing and order your fishing lines at Fast delivery! I use Bullbuster Braid, mono, and fluorocarbon and I can tell you one thing, their fishing line is strong and it will help you land more big fish! Take care! P.S. Stay tuned for article on how I cook my cobia! One of my favorite fish to eat! 

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