Fishing Report:

Big Bullshark To Start Shark Week

Author: Albert Acosta

Gulf Of Mexico Fishing Report

Big Bull Shark on Bullbuster Mono
Big Bull
 The weekend was getting near and the weather was looking great for another trip out to the Gulf of Mexico. The previous weekend was great, we had a lot of action and my son Willy and Nick wanted to fish. So I called my good friend Manny and told him to get ready.  It was Nick's birthday weekend and he wanted to catch a cobia! The previous weekend we had great action with sharks, jacks, and Goliath grouper so I was hoping it would still be great fishing.  We loaded up with bait and headed out really early out to the fishing grounds. It was super hot but the weather was looking really good, all we had to do was stay away from a few rain storms.  We started throwing out some baits, igs and also some lures looking for some hits. Nick was dying to catch a Cobia.... he had never caught one and I was going to do my best to try and make that birthday wish come true. It didn't take long and Nick was on with a nice fish on a live shrimp on a jig... could it happen... could this be his first cobia? It was running like a cobia, it was fighting like a cobia...before you know it... it was his first cobia.!! 

Nick was one happy guy... didn't matter how big it was ... he got his cobia. We kept fishing and hooked into some goliath grouper and sharks....the fishing was fast and furious the jacks wouldn't leave us alone as well as the blue runners. While the fishing was fast and hot I looked under the boat and could see a big dark ominous shadow... I had seen this before... it was HIM... Invictus the Goliath. I quickly grabbed my heavy rod/reel set up and put one of our big live baits on that we had been catching and saving just for him. 

Goliath Invictus Stalking Bait
Invictus The Goliath

He was hungry and did not waste time chasing the terrified bait. I hooked into the Goliath Grouper on my Penn International 16 VS with Bullbuster 100 lb mono. It was a viscous top water hit on the live bait. I fought him for about 45 min!!.... but it was not to be. He was to big and to strong of a fish. He made a powerful run straight for some structure and then I was doomed! 😩🎣🐟🔥 Those fish do not mess around. The Goliath Grouper,  in my opinion is pound for pound one of the hardest strongest fighting fish you can tangle with. Check out the video of the viscous top water hit from this Goliath:

I love looking for and fighting these fish... they are big, mean hard fighters and landing one is so fun... you will never forget it! Everyone was getting into action. Manny threw a live shrimp and in a few minutes was on! A nasty long fast run... I could tell by the run what it was... there is something special about the run I'm talking about.... if you have ever hooked a nice permit then you know what I mean....he hooked one and now Manny was in a fight! Manny fought the permit hard and was getting it close to the boat... I had the net ready to scoop him up but it was not to be, the permit made one last hard run that would be his last.... a big bull shark had a permit sandwhich! Manny kept fishing throwing out small jigs with shrimp and was getting nice pompano hits! Pompano are great fish and taste great! Manny was landing pompano and loading up the fish box! 

Manny Catching Pompano


After Manny landed some nice pompano we started getting hit after hit of bonnetthead sharks. There was a swarm of them, one after another. 

Me with Bonnethead Shark

Many of them were really nice size and put up great fights. My son Willy was also into the action.

Son Willy with Shark
Bonnetthead Shark

After several bonnetthead sharks I decided to put out the big rod/reel Penn International 16 VS loaded with Bullbuster 100 lb mono and a big hook. I put a big live bait on and threw it behind the boat. In a few minutes the reel was singing loudly... I was on with something big... I knew it was a big angry hungry shark! The shark made a few long runs but it was to no avail he was coming in! The Bullbuster mono and florocarbon was making quick work of him. 

Bullbuster 100 lb Mono Fighting Bull Shark
Big Bull Busted on Bullbuster 100 lb mono

As he got closer I could see how big he truly was... he was a beast bull shark and we caught him! Here is link to short video clip of us landing him and giving him a good pat on the back before releasing him. Link to bull shark landing

It was getting late and we decided to go back closer to shore and look for some seatrout. We were out of shrimp so we started using artificials, they hit artificials better than the live bait sometimes. I use swimming shads, jigs, swimming plugs or Gulps on jig head.  We were getting some hits and we landed some keeper trout. 

Seatrout Action
Manny with Seatrout
Dinner Time!

The day was wrapping up and we headed back in to clean fish! I hope you enjoyed my article and it helps you catch more fish! Remember spend more time fishing and order your fishing lines at 

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