Fishing Report:

Big Bullshark Busted

Author: Albert Acosta

Florida Fishing, Always a good time for Sharks.

My good friend Scott was back in Florida for the holidays and we had a window of opportunity to get some offshore fishing in before a cold front moved in and the winds picked up. We planned to head out to the Gulf of Mexico and look for Cobia, Spanish Macks, Goliath grouper, and sharks. That night before heading out, we loaded brand new Bullbuster mono mono 100 lb onto the Penn International 16 VS in anticipation of tangling with a monster. I placed the order on two days before trip and received it fast.... perfect!

Bullbuster Mono Ready for Action
Bullbuster 100 lb Mono

We headed out early to get a good start on the day and loaded up with fresh bait and chum. The ride out to the Gulf was beautiful and peaceful with frequent dolphin, sea turtle, and bird encounters. 


Sunrise Heading to Gulf

After a scenic ride out to the fishing spot, we anchored and started fishing. Immediately Scott and I were on with big Bluefish and Jack Crevalle. These fish were relentless, they were hitting everything we threw into the water. We kept some of the perfect sized Bluefish and Jacks in the larger live-well to be used for the Goliath Grouper and big sharks. As we kept weeding our way through the swarms of Jacks and Bluefish we kept looking for the Cobia, but to no luck, the cobia were not here. We decided to put out the chum block to see if we could attract the Cobia to the boat as well as the Goliath and sharks. Cobia very frequently swim along with big sharks, rays, and turtles hoping for food scraps as these other animals feed. We set up the Penn International 16VS loaded with 100 lb Bullbuster mono with a live bluerunner and set the bait behind the boat waiting for the inevitable....a monster shark. The area we fish is infested with all types of shark: Bullshark, Lemon shark, Spinner shark, Black Tip, Hammerhead, and Tiger shark. It did not take long before Scott was on with a big shark.... the drag was screaming as the shark furiously tried to free itself from the hook. Scott was in a battle of man vs beast.... we would find out who would prevail. Scott frantically kept his grip on the rod and reel holding on for dear life as the shark thrashed and made blistering runs. 

After the initial onslaught from the shark Scott was able to retrieve previous line back onto the reel.... the Bullbuster 100 lb mono was holding steadfast and the shark knew he was in trouble. After cranking hard Scott was able to stop the shark and bring it closer. After about a 25 min battle Scott exhausted from the fever pitched fight was able to bring the shark to the surface next to the boat. It was a beast... a 7 foot Bullshark and it was a fat one! The head body and mouth on this monster were impressive. We were glad we were in the boat and not anywhere in the water with this thing! 

Bull Shark
Big Bull
Bull shark

After some quick pics and video we released her and she swam off. We estimated her at close to 300 lbs with her length and very large girth. This was Scott's biggest shark ever and largest fish ever!  Scott was beat but we kept fishing and landed a spinner shark, lemon shark, snapper and Spanish Mackerel. We had opportunity at a Goliath grouper but it was not interested in any of our live baits.... the only time the Goliath was interested was when it tried to eat one of the sharks we were fighting! All in all we had action and landed fish. It was a beautiful day and could not have asked for better weather. Below is short video of Bullshark. 

Our spinners were loaded with Bullbuster 30 lb Braid and our heavy rod/reel with 100 Bullbuster mono. 

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