Fishing Report:

BIG Breeder Snook On The Jig!

Author: Absolut Fishing Team

Big Snook On Jigs

Manged to get out for another Snook Mission the other night and made it happen without losing too much sleep! 

We pulled up at one of our favorite bridges a bit early, right before the last half of the tide. Usually the tide is ripping at that period so we typically just hang out and wait for the tide to flip. I got bored waiting for the tide to flip so I put a soft plastic shrimp tail on and started bumpin' the pilings for small fish and messing around with little guys on the surface of the shadow line. 

My buddy Noel got bored shortly thereafter and started pitching the jig. 3 casts later he was tight to a slob! I was so shocked I dropped my rod on the floor and ran for the net. 5 mins later we had a 40" in the net on the way up. We didn't pinch the tail, but with a pinched tail, she was probably over 40". 

These fish are SO tidal dependent and it can be really frustrating. It's all about getting out there and figuring it out. This fish ate 45 mins before we thought it would and completely took us by surprise. Funny thing is, when the tide was "Right", we didn't get any other bites. 

There are plenty of snook around right now. I've heard many reports of people catching snook at all of the bridges. 

Moral of the story, get out there and throw a jig!! 


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