Fishing Report:

Big Bass In The Rain

Author: Albert Acosta

Fishing For Bass In The Rain

" There is something about this weather that brings the big bass out"

Big Bass in the Rain

Big Bass

It was a rainy weekend full of clouds and rain. Small cold front was pushing through but no real cold weather just cloudy, rain and a few degrees cooler. I love this type of weather for big bass so I planned to get up early and go after some peas and hopefully a big bass. There is something about that type of weather that brings the big bass out....they like it dark, cloudy and rainy. I dont know what it is if it makes them hungry or more aggressive but I have caught some nice bass in that type of conditions so I was excited!

After spending a few hours catching bait one by one I finally had what I wanted in the live well. I wanted some nice tilapia and big bream and the live well was ready! I was all wet from the rain but I did not mind....I knew if I got bait and hit a few good spots that I would find a nice bass. I prepared my rod and reel which was loaded with Bullbuster braid and fluorocarbon 30lb with a 3.0 thin wire circle hook. Everything was ready for action all I needed now was to find a big bass that was hunting for a snack.....and I had the snacks ready for him. After the first couple of spots failed to produce any action I was starting to doubt if I had picked the right day....maybe the fish were not hungry due to the front but I kept searching. The rain was on and off and it was getting late the little sun that was sneaking through the clouds was fading fast and so were my chances of a big bass. I got to the last stop and put on a nice bream and tossed it out ver ledge near deep drop hoping for a little monster to come out and swallow my bait. Then all of a sudden I noticed my bream starting to panic he was darting back and forth and making long swims trying to get away from something.....then BOOM I felt a strike and the fish was running line out. I set the hook and the fish made a few nice runs then surfaced and jumped...not a big bass but a nice peack bass. 

Peacock Bass
Pea on bream

I wasn't complaining I was happy catching the peacock bass but I wanted a nice bass today so I let the pea go back to its lair and continued on my quest. I had 1 bait left a large tilapia. So I grabbed the tilapia and looked him in the eyes and said" Don't Let Me Down Brother!...go down like a champ and get me a big bass". I looked around to make sure no one saw me talking to the fish lol and tossed him in near the ledge and waited. It was getting dark and it was raining again and I said to myself this is it come on tilapia make it happen. After several minutes nothing so I decided to check on my bait. As I was reeling him in slow I saw something big swirlbehind the terrified bait and miss. It was a big bass I know it was him! I quickly tossed the bait back into the water hoping the bass was just as mad as me that he missed the bait....and he was! KABOOM!! Nasty hit and run....I set the hook and the show was on. That bass fought hard making a few great runs down the ledge trying to free himself from the hook...I thought I was going to loose him at the ledge as he was digging trying to go deepback to his bass lair but the Bullbuster Flourocarbon held. I got him away from the ledge and then he made a nasty head shake! Thats when you know how big they i was nervous. I got him close to the shore and gently landed him praying to the fish gods that the hook would not come free. Then I GOT YOU! He was iin my hands! I was screaming like a little kid again..see there something about catching a nice big fat bass...they are rare really they are hard to get...they are pickey and smart thats how they got big lol...but I got him this day and I was a happy guy. Oh did I tell you I love the rain. I hope you enjoyed my article. Now get out there and Spend More Time Fishing! Take care. 

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