Fishing Report:

Big Baits Big Bulls

Author: Jeff Reyes

Surf Fishing For Some Sharkies!

 As the week goes by the weather and surf report looked great, green water to the sand and flat water all weekend. As Friday came i was ready to head out and go fishing, but school was getting in the way. I packed up Thursday night and was ready Friday morning. I Just had a few things to take care of, i signed in to my class and decided that fishing was just a bit more important. 

     I left class and started to hit the road it was long drive ahead of me but i knew it was going to be worth it. Three hour drive later and I finally hit the beach it was stupid calm and water clarity was insane, for Texas at-least. After another 30 minute drive down the beach i meet up with my buddies and instantly as i showed up he was reeling in a southern stingray around 20 pounds. I wasted no time and knew i was supposed to start fishing instantly. He let me have the southern and i ran it out whole. i got ready and started to paddle. 

     I was going to put 3 baits out but with the amount of boat traffic we seen i decided to only run one during the day, so i made it count. I put the southern out around 700 yards. i spent the next couple hours fighting boats off from our line. As a boat passed by my rod began to scream, I thought he got  my line but my line remained straight as the boat headed down the beach. 

"FISH ON?" i was confused i harnessed up and instantly locked it down, it was heavy and lazy. Didn't pull an inch of line but i knew it was a good fish. 

The fish tried to put up a fight when it reached the sandbar, i locked it completely down and turned her head. The 200 pound bull buster put the smack-down! my buddy went out to leader it, after de-hooking and taking a few pics we released a healthy 8'1 female bull. Not too shabby for Texas waters, YEEEWWWWWWW

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