Fishing Report:

Best Snook Fishing Spots REVEALED!

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

The Best Place To Catch Snook In Florida

I took a trip up to Jupiter to fish with my good buddy Ryan one last time before he went off the OCS in the Marines. Our plan was to catch as much bait at the pier as possible and bring it over to the inlet to catch the beginning of the outgoing tide. The fish always tend to stage up near the mouth of the inlet right on the edge of the current and areas of calmer water, waiting for  bait to flow out of the inlet. 

Loading Up With Bait For Snook
The key to catching snook is bait!

"Normally this time of the year, and this close to the moon, a large school of GIANT spawning snook is at the inlet"

Since we have had a relatively dry spring so far, the outgoing tide was rather clear and it also made the bite kind of slow. The fish always seem to bite better in the dirty water!

Threadfin Herring For Snook
"A major key for threadfin, is since they swim so fast that the snook can't catch them, I bite them in the tail."

"The fish only wanted small to medium baits, and we quickly ran out of those"

Now, normally this time of year and this close to the moon, a large school of GIANT spawning snook is at the inlet. The giant school of spawners was either MIA or not feeding bc the biggest fish we caught was a slot and the other dozen fish we caught were all in the 18-26in range.

Snook Fishing Off Of Jupiter Inlet

As we get further into summer the snook fishing will only heat up! We brought a variety of baits to the inlet from little dwarf jacks, mojarra's, croakers and even thread fin herring. The fish only wanted small to medium baits and we quickly ran out of those, only left with big croakers, which the snook wanted no part of.   

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