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Author: Pinnacle Reef Shark Fishing

Winter Bass Bite - February 2020

Cold air temps, cold water temps, yup mid February. The team did manage to get out to our local waters this past weekend for some tedious winter bass fishing. This time of year not only the bite is slow, but the cadence of the retrieve, the action of the lure, and the tactics employed are as well. Most lures are worked painfully slow and very low in the water column if not on the bottom or even dragging across the bottom. Cold runny noses, painfully frozen fingertips, and possibly even iced rod tips. But in all that there still manages to be a beautiful crispness in a nice winter morning like this. Deer rummaging about, snow birds chirping, and on a sunny day bass with lockjaw can be seen in the shallows, tight against structure trying to warm their body temps a few degrees. The days are finally starting to get a little longer, and the bass are well aware that they need to start feeding and fattening up for the spawn that will kick-off in a few months. Us Maryland anglers like to take full advantage of this opportunity to catch one of the large wise and weary female bass slipping. A lot of these Maryland waters are highly pressured, it's not an uncommon sight to see a bank line with anglers all throwing the same thing, and targeting the same fish. It can often pay off to think outside of the box and outside of the norm. A perfect example of this manifested this past weekend with teammate Elli being the only one at the lake to hook up. When asked how she managed to pull off the victory when no one else was catching but all were throwing similar lures she stated "these bass have seen a thousand paddle tails, all the same so I rigged mine upside down to give it a different action". Oftentimes that's all it takes, a little free thinking. None of these fishing tactics are set in stone and all of them can be improved upon. 

Here is a few insider tips that our teammates use to stand out a little bit, be bolder, and different to get that weary bass to eat. 

1. Rigging soft plastics upside down or in different unconventional ways. 

2. Tying on feathers or hair to your treble hooks to give your lure that realistic look of fins. 

3. Tying on teasers a foot or two in front of your lure. 4. Dipping different parts of your lure, such as head or tail in artificial dyes like spike it.

5. Replacing one of the hooks on a multi hook lure with a Colorado blade or a willow blade.

 6. Use a scented dip. And lastly you could try adding brass and glass beads on your leader to give a different sound profile to any rig

So anyway don't be afraid to get out there and try new things you may be surprised with the results. As always guys share the fishing stoke keep casting be a pioneer this season and spend more time fishing!

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