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Barracuda Catch And Cook Report

Author: Landshark (Alumni)

Barracuda Catch and Cook Report

When most people think of barracuda, they think of a smelly, aggressive looking fish that is often associated with ciguatera poisoning. Most people dread catching them and view them as by catch.

Growing up a land based angler, Barracudas served as a staple gamefish for my friends and I that could not afford boats or couldn't make it offshore. 

Barracudas are great fighters and a blast to target in so many ways, whether critical or live bait, they are explosive strong and acrobatic fighters!

There is a common myth amongst anglers that they have high levels of cig poisoining and they should be avoided at all costs. In fact I use to be one of these uneducated bozos who believed everything I heard. 

 Growing up on piers, I noticed that Cubans in particular loved to eat these fish and when Io finally got the chance to go offshore to Bahamas the locals there loved them as well! 

I thought to myself, what do these people know that I don't or have I just been brainwashed into being prejudice against barracuda as table fare!

Let me tell you first hand that after trying Barracuda they are one of the best fish we have here in Florida and the texture rivals that of snapper and grouper.

I kept one to eat this past summer while bridge fishing and I will admit that cudas have a very foul odor to them when you catch them. This odor does not permeate into the fillets themselves though.

The fillets were white, with minimal blood line and bones. Not fishy at all, and they had a firm texture to them. I would go as far as saying they were just as good as snapper if not better. 

Don't believe everything you hear! Try things for yourself. I have  tried a lot of fish in my day now and this was one one of my favorites! 

* Eat Barracuda at your own risk, Bullbuster does not endorse eating barracuda. 

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