Fishing Report:

Bahamas Yellowtails

Author: Austin Porter

Yellow Tailin In The Gingerbreads

June 30

Headed to Bimini to check a few yellowtail spots to see if they are still producing.


Cast Knetting Pilchards

As soon as we could see, we threw the net on pilchards and loaded two live wells full of them. 


The Gingerbreads

Once we loaded with bait, we headed NE to the Gingerbread Grounds. Once in the area we looked around and seemed the most tails were holding about 65-75 feet. We anchored up and got right at 70 feet. 

Once we put the chum in, we took few pilchards and chummed with live ones. After about 15 minutes we had the yellowtails coming up to the surface chasing the pilchards. 

We caught most of the yellowtails on bottom, the surface was loaded with 5lb runners, cuda's, and triggerfish. Wasn't just a few of them, it was massive amounts.

We caught a few yellowtails on the surface and our 3 biggest fish combined weight of just over 9lbs. Their was some larger ones however couldn't get them to eat. 

Haul Of Yellowtail in the bahamas

Was dropping the edge with live bait when all the sudden just 50 feet on the way down got slammed. Thought it was a cuda, as soon as I got it close the boat it was a decent kingfish. 

Bahamas Kingfish

Kingfish weighed 28.5 lbs!


We used a 3/0 hook with a 2ounce weight knocker rig style because you needed to get to the bottom as quick as possible or you would hook a runner. Used 20lb Bullbuster mono with 60lb mono leader. As soon as you would hook up, you would have to crank like no tomorrow due to the 10 sharks down their. 

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