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Bahamas Trip To West End Pre Dorian

Author: Mike Milewski

Deep Dropping In The Bahamas Before The Hurricane

Another Bahamas trip is in the books for Team Reel Dreams!! This was our 2nd trip this summer crossing the mighty gulf steam to the Bahamas. On this adventure my wife, brother in law and my buddy Nick took our 23 Rig to West End which is located on Grand Bahama Island. From our dock in Boynton Beach, FL it is roughly 70 miles due east across the Gulf Stream.  

We had a perfect weather window besides some thunderstorms we would have to navigate around. The ride across and back was a breeze. We made it to the customs office in about two hours. Once we cleared customs it was time raise our Bahamas courtesy flag and do some grocery shopping Bahamas style. This entails deep dropping for yellow eyes, queens (snapper) in 1600-750ft of water with our electric reels. We also love finding, cracking, and cooking some fresh conch! I have to say our dinners were outstanding.

The deep dropping was on fire!  We spent our days fishing hard and exploring the life beneath crystal clear Bahamas water. It was an incredible trip and experience that we will never forget.

We are living the Offshore Life and following our passion for fishing. 

Thanks Bullbuster for your support of Team Reel Dreams!!! 

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