Fishing Report:

Bahamas Day Bangers With Team Seahunter

Author: Obseasion Fishing Team

Hey everyone, Fishing has been great lately. We crossed over to the Bahamas last Wednesday and crushed the Mahi. Found a current rip full of life debris and all sorts of bait. We put out the big islanders with ballyhoo and the dolphin couldnt resist. Limited out with 18 gaffers in no time and headed home. All caught using Bullbuster 20 pound and Floroucarbon on the leaders!

mahi crushed on bullbuster mono
mahi caught on bullbuster

mahi for everyone

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Getting by with a little help from our Friends.

In the meantime been hitching rides on friends boats. Took off to bimini this past weekend hoping for a little wahoo bite and we got a big goose egg. I guess thats why they call it fishing and not catching ! We will get them next time planning a big trip. Keep everyone posted thanks for reading !.... READ MORE

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