Fishing Report:

Backwater Striped Bass

Author: Scotty Sevins

this past weekend saw some horrendous zero viz fog, and misty and rainy conditions most of the weekend.  Prime backwater tides however were worth the risk of running through the skinny water of New Jersey at full throttle dodging crab pots like landmines in anticipation of knowing that the backwater bass population was going to be turned up given the conditions.  The fog thankfully kept most boat off the water.  Saturday morning even with prime tides and conditions Dawn not even a second look from the bass.  You always have to be ready to switch gears and I went strait to flounder fishing.   The bite ended up incredible plucking fish out of 2-3ft of water.  At one point they were feeding on the surface popping like blitzing bass.  Sunday morning I took my dad out for some striper action in the backwater.  After a few lazy tail wacks it was clear they were not eating topwater.  Quick change of tactics and it was game on.  Scoring multiple doubles.  Seeing a smile  on dads face was priceless.  Doubling up with your dad I cannot think of a better way to spend a morning. Sunday night saw the best topwater bite of the year.  The whopper plopper 130 got so much love it  actually got destroyed.  Time to pick up a few more. 

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