Fishing Report:

Backwater Mixed Bag!

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Fishing A Gheenoe In The Back Country

Incredible day of fishing the back waters, we drove a good bit to launch my gheenoe and it paid off big this day, after launching we took about a half hour ride and started nailing fish at the first location using artificials and live bait! definitly the most species i have ever put in the boat in one givin trip i believe, the snook were chewin, and the trout were chewin good as well. we pulled up and anchored in one channel that produced an insane amount of quality trout along with a surprise pompano and a baby goliath grouper. it was an unreal bite and all on artificial on this one stretch of area we fished. as we continued to fish and bounce around to different flats and channels we picked off trout,snook,rat reds,ladyfish,sailcats, when i say mixed bag it sure was with a total of 8 different species of fish i believe.

overall it was a great day on the water and we kept a few fish for the table as well!

All of the fish caught on my lighter inshore setup i was using 20lb flourocarbon leader and my setup for snook i was using 40-50 lb flourocarbon.

tight lines from the Ninja's

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