Fishing Report:

Backcountry Summertime Fishing

Author: Albert Acosta

Backcountry Snook
Good Friend Jorge With A Snook

Snook and Goliath Action!

Summertime is here! I love summer...this is what Florida is all about! Beautiful sunrises and sunsets and nice hot warm air and water. The fish in Florida love summer its when the water heats up that the fishing really picks up all round the state. So good friends Mike, Jorge, Luis, and Nathan headed out for a day in Everglades National Park. We were on the lookout for snook, reds, trout, Cobia, permit, and Goliath grouper. We loaded up all our gear and re-spooled a few of our reels with brand new Bullbuster 30lb braid and headed out to the fishing grounds. We stopped at the local bait store and loaded up with pinfish and shrimp and made our way to the boat ramp. It was going to be a beautiful day with the occasional shower or T-storm but that would not stop us...summer also means late afternoon thunder storms and rain...its Florida weather. We made the boat ride as the sun was rising in all its was a beautiful morning golden never gets old seeing it rise over the park. 

Jorge and Luis
Snook Fishing Point

We made our first stop at a point where the water was moving in with the tide and knew there would be some sneaky snook around waiting to pounce on a lure or live bait. We tossed some baits and lures in the water and it was not long before Jorge was on to a snook. The snook hit a artificial shrimp and an towards some logs but Jorge stopped him and made quick work of him. We kept fishing and landed a few sea trout and lost a few snook near heavy structure...those snook are not easy to catch they are hard fighters and very smart. 

Seatrout on Artificial Shrimp

We were using Bullbuster 30lb braid and 40lb fluorocarbon or this particular area. You need the heavier floro if you want any chance of landing a nice big fat snook. I had 4 snook on that day but all three jumped and shook the lure from their mouths...Sometimes you win sometimes you loose. The snook beat me that day. After fishing a few points we decided to head out in the Gulf looking for some bigger fish. Once we arrived we caught some Spanish mackerel, jacks, and blue runners...they were chasing bait all over the place. Luis was using a swim bait and got drilled by a nice Spanish Mack and worked it boat side right into the net. We kept looking for Cobia and permit but could not find any. We anchored up and started to cast in all directions looking for fish....jacks and blue runners were everywhere. Luis hooked up to a nice blue runner and had it close to the boat then a dark shadow showed up under the was a big hungry Goliath grouper. The Goliath grabbed Luis’s fish and Swam off to its lair...the light tackle was no match for this beast and broke off. So we kept fishing and soon I was on to something real nice.....the fish made a hard run and I knew I had a Cobia was not a big one but it was fighting hard. I was bringing it boatside when all of a sudden the Goliath cam back and took a swipe at it and missed...but the next monster did not miss...a big bull shark! He grabbed my poor Cobia and devoured him in one freighting bite....And just like that he was gone. 

Gulf Spanish Mack
Luis with Spanish Mackerel

The big boys had shown up and they were not messing around. They had caught us by surprise and pounced on some of our fish. But we had a plan for them...they were in trouble. See we had the back live well stocked with some big baits...just for this purpose. We had some jacks, blue runners, and a lookdown. I also brought my monster slayer combo...i call him â€DoomsDay”. When we looked under the boat we could see 4 hungry Goliath grouper...”DoomsDay was pleased to hear this....he was ready. See my next story on how to catch Goliath grouper and see the video of this beast! Remember Spend More Time Fishing and order your fishing line at!

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