Fishing Report:

Another Hammerhead And A Giant Bull

Author: Team Reel Deal

Land-Based Shark Fishing: Bulls

Bull Shark

Thursday  May 4th. Myself and Des decided to head out early morning to fish the beach in some rough seas and hard south east wind. We got set up around 8 am. I was the first to take baits out I got baits out as hard as it was but I managed with my brand new Shimano tiagria 130. And my old avet 80. I started paddling back in and by the time I got to the wash still about 50 feet off the sand the 130 started screaming I thought I had a tip ran into the line but nope it was a fish an a big fish. Desmond hooked it for me as I could not as I was still paddling in from dropping it. I ran to the beach pulled the yak up put harness on and started fighting. I thought it was gonna be a lemon or a bull shark but instead a 10 minute fight I saw that big ole dorsal fin.  Leading it my leader broke but we still landed that fish happens when you fish rocky area. Still all cut up from the shark rash also. Quick photo and release and on to redrop baits and wait the tips came threw bad we stuck two catch and release no pics. Then around 6 pm the tiagria takes off very slow and steady, and the fight was on. 15-20 minute fight and I was leading a giant bull. Quick photo and release and back on her way to terrorize your local reef or wreck. caught on bullbuster 150lb mono. Use are code cjone. If u buying bull buster

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