Fishing Report:

An Interesting Night At Port Everglades

Author: Reel Smooth Fishing Team

Landbased Night Fishing In Ft. Lauderdale

Fishing Ft. Lauderdale

The team all got back home for winter break, so we decided to make a quick run and fish Port Everglades. It was huge full moon and nice and chilly, so we hoped to prioritize on a nice inshore bite. We brought 20 lb Bullbuster braided light tackle setups with 3 feet of 20 lb fluorocarbon leader. We bought a dozen live pilchards in hopes of catching a snook, tarpon, hell even a jack (you don’t know what 4 months without fishing does to you).

Tony throws the first line in the water. Twenty seconds and one big pop later (sounded like a snook), and the pilchard is gone. Let’s try it again. Another twenty seconds, and Tony is hooked up. We pull it up and it’s a 5 POUND Mangrove Snapper. Who woulda thought. As the night progressed we slowly picked off a couple snapper and jacks.

Mangrove Snapper Ready For The Oven
Tony's mangrove jumbo mangrove snapper! (Learn How To Cook Mangrove Snapper)

Munoz brought his shark setup (Penn Senator 14/0) loaded with 125 lb Bullbuster monofilament fishing line. We decided to drift out a small live jack that we had caught on a pilchard. After about an hour, the tide starts screaming, and so does the 14/0. It ran, it stopped, it ran, it stopped, we cranked the drag but no fish. We reeled up, and found only half a jack left. The shark missed the hook by less than an inch.  From the size of the bait and the area we were fishing, my guess would be a chunky 8 foot bull.

Shark Bait

This shark missed the bait by less than an inch! (Find Out The Top 5  Best Sharkbaits)

Later on in the night we miraculously caught a goggle eye on an X-Rap (since when do gogs eat X-Raps?). and casted him out live in hopes of a large jack or a tarpon. After about 20 minutes, the rod is bent over, line screaming off, this time Noah took the reel. We brought the fish in to find out we caught a huge stingray estimated to be about 40 lbs (since when do stingrays eat live gogs?). I’m not sure if the full moon is making me or the fish crazy, but either way, it sure was an interesting night to get back together with the boys.

Stingray that ate a live goggle eye

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