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Ajs In The Gulf

Author: Fish Can't Hide

Catching Amberjacks In The Gulf  Of Mexico

huge amberjack

   Amberjack opened in Gulf waters August 1st. Not much more you can ask for than big fish that pull hard and are not picky about what they eat. This makes them a great fish for both charter captains and recreational anglers.

AJs are also good table fair, it can be cooked many ways and smokes great for fish dip. They are usually fairly easy to target and found in good size schools. We find them over wrecks, artificial reefs or ledges and humps. By far my favorite way to catch them is with vertical jigs.

(See Vertical Jigging Techniques)

It is awesome to feel the bite or watch a client the first time they get slammed and can barely keep the rod off the rail. There are many styles of jigs that work but your going to lose some so I prefer the less expensive ones. Don't be afraid to use a 12" jig it should cut down on some of the short fish. Big bait equals big fish is definitely true on amberjacks. 

Be ready, they call them reef donkeys for a reason! If the bite slows down switch to live bait on a bottom rig fished in the column. You can also catch them on flatline, I usually throw some live chummers out to pull them up to the top. If you really get them fired up you can also catch them on top water plugs. This is an awesome bite to not only to feel but also see! Good luck and tight lines.

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