Fishing Report:

A Stormy Night

Author: The Reward Fleet

Most often the weather report is accurate enough, but some trips, completely off.

On this day the National Weather Service got it wrong.  We showed up looking at 10 knots out of the north, but feeling 20 knots from every angle.   Seas said 2 feet and occasional showers, it turned out to be 4 feet with occasional 5 and a ferocious thunderstorm that seemed to bounce off the Biscayne Bay coast and back out on top of the reefs we were fishing.  If you get sea sick, it was not a good day to go out on the boat, if you do not like getting wet as well, you should have stayed home.  So right at 8 pm we set out for destination number one, just north of Government cut, somewhere along the coast of south Florida.   

"We decided to leave our foul weather gear in the car so all we had was our tshirts and gym shorts to protect us, which did nothing..." 

Next thing we know the mate Bernie pops around the corner with some extra rain gear and we are set... thank you Bernie, again he saves the day.  The rain lets up slightly to allow us to get back to fishing the way we would like to, warm and dry.  This trip turned out to be more of a sharking expedition due to the lack of a snapper bite, so we bought in and threw out the bonita chunks to see if we could have some fun, snagging a few sharks on the line but never getting them completely to the boat on our 15 lb test Bullbuster Mono which held up well until one good kick of the tail started spooling the reel and we had to grab the reel and let it snap.  Long story short, fishing on the Reward is always fun, even if you forget your rain gear on a night like this one.

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Yellow Tail Snapper started pouring in the boat as everybody around us started catching fish as fast as they could get the hooks in the water.  

Bullbuster Mono on the reel and a Circle hook ready with chopped bait was doing the trick.  We all limited out, and gave some fish to the people who did not.  The best part of the trip is watching the shore line as you coast in on a warm summer night with a cooler full of fish and bait smell on your hands.  If you are looking for a great time, and relaxing boat ride, some fresh fish, and a 4 hour fishing trip all in one, you found it here.

"First cast using a chunk of Ballyhoo, YellowTail"

When we arrived to our first location the wind was blowing out of the south east and the current was running north.  We decided to drop anchor and try our luck...  First cast using a chunk of Ballyhoo, YellowTail.... not what we came for this time but never a bad sight.  Marked it 3 in the head and threw it in the cooler, thank you Bernie.  We tossed our baits back and my friend and I are doubled up on huge Mangrove snapper, SHARK!  Here comes the tax man, right on time we both get taxed.  Eager to get back in the water, I almost hook myself in the hand baiting a tail of ballyhoo.  We send one cast far and one close to the boat, FISH ON!  Now we are pulling these snapper up to the boat as fast as possible to avoid the sharks, which is a rush in the moment, and seeing the sharks chase the fish all the way in gets your hands moving pretty quick.  

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