Fishing Report:

A Perfect Night To Float

Author: William Johnson

Night Kayak Fishing With Kyle

The moon was high in the sky. The water was smooth like glass. It only disturbed by a bait fish or a swirl from something predatory making its rounds. It was cool with just enough of a breeze to keep the bugs away. 

As I float on my kayak I ponder what choices I have made to lead me to such a perfect night on the water. My line lay in the water and I feel the live bait fish at the end get a bit nervous. I write off my last thought as  satisfied  contentment.  I'm now distracted from such a perfect float, by what could possibly be this nights catch. 

I free line the Carolina Rig supported by Bullbuster 15lb clear mono. The bait swims freely with a bit more urgency then a moment ago. Could it be a big bull red?  Maybe a nice speckled trout? ... "Man I hope it's not a Catfish." I Say to myself. 

The line has a subtle bump and begins to move in the opposite direction. "Let him eat it" I remind  myself. I flip the bail and at the last second before the fish feels the tension, I set the hook....."Fish On"!! I scream to my Team mate Kyle McNamara. He flashes his head light at me and heads over. The line was tried and true. The fish had no chance. 

The fish was relentless. Constantly trying to use my kayak as a way to find a ticket to freedom town. Not today, it surfaced a nice speckled trout!!! I opened my hatch to put this guy away. At measurement he was a solid 20 inches! 

Kyle says "My turn" and tosses me a beer. The Santa Rosa Sound in Navarre Fl. produces lots of good fish and the occasional monster.  My two sons will be happy to make short work out of this trout at tomorrows dinner. I take a look around as I paddle in to get this guy on ice, and I cannot help but think to myself. "I may not be a wealthy man, but I'm the richest guy I know."

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