Fishing Report:

A Grand Slam Evening On Pensacola Beach

Author: Patrick Meek

Surf Fishing Grand Slam In Pensacola!

It's not everyday you get a Grandslam from the sand, but as the new moon approached us, a lot of different species were caught just after sunset off Pensacola Beach.

"If I Have Learned Anything, You Can't Catch Fish While Sitting On The Couch"

Pensacola Beach

I've never had much success fishing 24-36 hours prior to a new moon, but if I've learned anything, it's that you can't catch fish while sitting on the couch. The surf water temp has dropped rapidly in the past month to 65 degrees off Pensacola Beach and the Bull Reds and Black Drum have been showing up more consistently along the beach. We decided to hit the beach in search of some Redfish and Pompano knowing everything was working against us. Low tide, flat surf, and the last day before a new moon. We fished for 7 straight hours without even a bite which rarely ever happens. Some days it's just not meant to be.

The next day, my wife and I hit the beach and decided to try a different spot. After we found our cut and trough, we set up 5 rods baited with fresh dead peeled shrimp, cast out and waited. Just after sunset, the new moon was to begin in 5 hours and then it happened.

Bull Redfish From The Beach

The first rod goes off and my wife pulls in a nice fat 17 inch Pompano. Just as soon as she gets her fish up, my 12' surf rod gets slammed and I can hear the drag screaming! After a good game of tug of war, I managed to land a nice 35 inch Redfish that was quickly released. A few minutes passed and my wife gets a good bend on her rod. I could tell it was a good fish and by the way it was swimming I thought it was another Pompano, but to my surprise she reeled in a very nice Sheepshead!

Sheepshead From The Beach

We continued fishing on this cold evening and it wasn't just a few minutes later my wife lands a juvenile Permit which is rare for this area. Some Bluefish and Whiting were caught and I got to break in my new Van Staal VR50 loaded with 20# Hi-Vis Yellow Bullbuster braid on another nice size Pompano before we decided to call it quits.

Pompano From The Beach

All in all it was a great evening with a lot of fun catches and some fresh seafood to take home for dinner.

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