Fishing Report:

A Few Bass Trips

Author: Team Ninja Sharkers

Spring Bass Fishing In South Florida Lakes

Luis's son Chiqui likes to get in on some good Bass Fishing. He really enjoys targeting the Peacock Bass. While getting out early from high school during final exams, Chiqui would go home and hit the lakes and canals near his house. He prefers to catch the fish on artificial but he does catch live bait from time to time. Most of these fish were caught on artificial. On one of these trips his Dad Luis joined him and caught a Big Peacock. Many people think these Peacocks are always willing to eat but that's not always the case. Sometimes you have to really work to get their attention, and sometimes even your best effort may not be enough that day. Below are a couple of trips and in one picture is Chiqui's youngest brother Danny who enjoys fishing as well. Chiqui hooked Danny up to a Nice Peacock.  All the Bass below were caught on Bullbuster 12LB Test Monofilament.

Check Out Our Bass Fishing Pics Below

Peacock Bass
Kendall Peacock Bass
South Florida Peacock Bass
South Florida Largemouth Bass (Spring)
Peacock Bass South Florida Fishing
Peacock Bass South Florida
Peacock Bass


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