Fishing Report:

9 Foot Hammertimeee

Author: South Florida Sharks

Landbased Shark Fishing Report

Me and Dillon headed to the beach got baits out a little after sunset and the wait was on! walked down the beach looking for fresh shark bait with my gig sadly couldn't find any. So we went back to the rods still sitting out solid one with a whole cownose and other with a amberjack head. About an hour goes by and we here the duel 12/0w get a quick run we shine the light to see the monofilament line laying slack on the beach. I run over and pick the rod up to reel tight and as i am reeling i feel weight and free spool the reel quickly.

I let him eat and hit the running man heavy weight and cutting back and fourth very fast but not pulling any line had a good idea what it was but wasn't positive. After like a quick 10 minute fight I yell for a spotlight and we see the sickle like fin shooting across the bar.Get a tail rope on the green fish and safely remove the hook and snap a couple pictures and send her back on her way to get bigger. The amberjack didn't get hit after 4 hours so we ended up calling it a night and acking the stuff up and reeling in. Night's like these are what keep me coming back looking for bigger sharks.


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