Fishing Report:

5/13/18 Fishing Report

Author: Capt. Brandon Jacobson

Good Day Out Fishing!

Our Catches Of the Trip!

Dodged some storms to land a nice rack of fish for our clients Sunday. 21 Coho, salmon 1 Brown trout and a sweet 16lb lake trout caught in three hours of trolling with bullbuster monofilament fishing line. Due to the late start of the migration north due to below average temperatures this spring and large numbers of bait fish being seen on our fish locator and in the stomachs of our catch while cleaning my early season prediction are for a solid fishing season with solid numbers of Coho salmon and some solid weights approaching the 40lb mark this summer from our Chinook salmon and Lake trout.

Nice and Clean!

We have been fortunate to have great near shore conditions to be able to fish within 500 yards of shore in 15-35 fow. As the temperatures rise in coming weeks and the wind patterns change the lake will set up thermoclines at different depths in the water column's and we will adjust our techniques, tackle, to target fish lying as deep as 300 fow and beyond. #kenoshacharterfishing #bullbusterambassator #freshwaterfishing

Papa Trout Coming Through!!!

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