Fishing Report:

48lb Kingfish Off Boynton Beach, FL

Author: Mike Milewski

Smoker Kingfish!

Smoker Kingfish Offshore Boynton

Well we had a weekend in between tournaments and wanted to get some practice prior to our first SKA  (Southern King Fish Association Division 10) tournament of the season. We knew the weather conditions were not going to be great. We were greeted by 6ft seas leaving the Boynton Beach inlet with a 15-20

Smoker Kingfish

mph wind. The great news was we wanted to focus our energy on kite fishing and we had plenty of wind. No need for a helium balloon to get our kite up!

We got our spread out quickly, which consisted of two ribbon fish down deep on our down riggers, two flat lines one gog, one runner and a few gogs off the kite. Our first drift was unsuccessful with two missed strikes, but watched a few kings sky our kite baits! This is always fun to see and never gets old. It is truly crazy how these kings fly through the air 7ft out of the water. It is incredible to see.

Since we knew kings were in the area once we got to 60ft of water and pulled in the spread and headed back to the same spot we started our first drift.  The first half of our drift was a bit slow but as soon as we got to about 80ft of water the action was back on!

Our short kite bait got slammed and we were tight!! We knew this was a nice smoker by the amount of line he took on his first run. We pulled in all of our other baits as quickly as we could to be able to turn the boat on this fish. Keep in mind when you have a nice smoker it is very important to turn the boat on him and chase him down. The less time fighting a smoker king will lead to less pulled hooks and cut down on the tax man taking his cut! Or at least I like to think so.

It was a give and take for about twenty minutes or so until we saw color. Once we did we validated this was a nice King!! Shortly after, we got a shot and stuck him with the gaff! Off to the box he went!

What an experience and incredible day! We don’t often see kings this big off Boynton Beach on a regular basis.

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