Fishing Report:

2nd Place In The Ladies Sailfish Division At The Manatee Island Ladies Fishing Tournament

Author: Mike Milewski

The ladies on our team decided they would like to fish the Manatee Island Ladies Fishing Tournament. We knew the conditions were going to be sporty with an east wind blowing 15-20 and not letting up. I gave the ladies the option to back out, however they were ready to go! In this tournament there was a Sailfish release category in additional to meat fish divisions. . With the conditions and some decent reports from up north we decided to focus our efforts on releasing some Sails.

We packed up the boat and headed north for the 7:30am lines in start. We made our way through the bumpy conditions to our first spot, a few miles north of Jupiter inlet.  We got our spread out live gogs on flats lines, one on the downrigger for the king bite and the kite up. At 8:09am line is peeling off our flat line!! Sail is on!!!! Team Angler Cindy jumps on the reel and goes at it. It was great fight and a clean release! This was the first sail of the tournament and now the ladies were looking for more.

We decided to reset in the same area in 114ft of water and within 20 minutes our downrigger (live gog) goes off! Michelle takes the reel and starts fighting what we believed to be a nice King.  After ten minutes the hooked was pulled, but they were ready for another bite!

Unfortunately the bite quickly slowed down. The scattered weeds were thick and the ladies were not feeling the best. With 17 miles south to run back to the inlet we knew it was going to be wet ride. We packed up our gear around 11:30am and headed south.

In the end our ladies were troopers and finished 2nd in the sailfish release category!! Way to go!! 

Thanks as always to Bullbuster for supporting Team Reel Dream!!

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