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2nd Great White Of The Winter

Author: Outcast Fishing

In search of the "One That Got Away."  A Monster Great White Shark.

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Last shark trip we hooked a giant first thing, but after a 400 yard run she spit the hook and never returned. We almost called it a day and went home, but we stuck it out and ended up tagging a 9.5 foot white shark, much smaller than the "one that got away". It was a parting gift after losing a giant, but it was better than nothing. 

Great White Shark

Shark Fishing Fever

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With monster great whites dancing in my head all Christmas, I couldn't wait to get back out. Finally saw a good weather day on New Years Even and went for it. Got a late start that day, but after a few moves and settling in, we finally saw what we wanted that afternoon. At first glance I knew she was big, because all i could see was the dorsal fin and tail sticking up and it looked about 12-13 feet apart. As soon as I saw her width, we knew we were in for a battle. Fighting a Monster

She took the bait and pulled the boat like a sled for miles. We had the drag locked at one point, and we were nearly leaving a wake. Ive hooked some good ones in the past, but this one wouldn't slow up. The goal was to get a tag in her, and take a DNA sample, but she went wherever she wanted. 5 different times we grabbed the leader to gain control, and 2 grown men with gloves on couldn't slow her up...she just walked away with all of our force. She never panicked, just swam where she wanted. Eventually we got into a good rhythm/system of getting her close, so we loaded up the tag and applied it perfectly. It was pitch black at that point and raining, we were exhausted and we passed on getting the DNA and 2nd tag applied, but we were able to get a few shots of her. Unfortunately, none of her head. GoPro's don't work great in the dark. 

16 foot Great White Shark

She's got a tag on her that will transmit her signal for up to 7 years. She was big, a 16 footer, 2800-3200 pounds, but not as big as the one we lost a few weeks earlier.  I wish I had better pictures, but she didn't start getting close to the boat till dark.  

To say I can't wait to get back out there would be one helluva an understatement. This is just the beginning. 

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