Fishing Report:

2018 XGeneration KDW Fishing Report

Author: Mike Milewski

2018 Kingfish Dolphin Wahoo Tournament Season Wrap Up

Kingfish Dolphin Wahoo Tournament

This was the last KDW tournament of our season. We were on a mission to finish out the season strong! We only had myself and one team member fishing this event. However we put our plan together on stuck with it.

Our plan was simple, but planned to fish a different area than we fished all season. We decided to fish south, Delray Beach to Dodge wall. We would normally make the run north to Loran or Juno ledge to start our day.  

We kept our technique the same, had two ribbon fish on the down riggers and live gogs on our flat lines.  We work all different water depths trying to locate some kingfish. We would start in 160ft and work our way in to 65ft. Always looking for some bait busting, maybe a rip, but all the spots we worked were around/near structure.

The day started off slow and we were forced to make moves to try and locate some kings. We did end up finding some smaller kings, not the smokers we wanted.  But our lady angler Michelle was happy to be down and tight on some kings.  We will be putting in a ton of work in the off season to get dialed in for next year!

All of our terminal tackle consists of bullbuster products. We use smoke blue 25lb mono on all of our kingfish set ups. The mono is tied to 30lb or 40lb bullbuster fluorocarbon leader, which then is attached to our kingfish rig. We also use bullbuster wire (30 &50lb) and bullbuster barrel swivels to make our kingfish rigs.

Thank you bullbuster for supporting Team Reel Dreams! We truly appreciate your support in following our fishing dreams!!

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