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2018 Springtime South Florida Peacock Report

Author: ScottRoseFishing

We are putting the finishing touches on April and this South Florida Peacock bite is continuing to yield unusaual results! This time of year, peacocks in Miami are usually done spawning and now is the time where you will be seeing tons of "fry balls" all over the places.

Fry balls occur when the parent peacocks are done guarding their beds as the eggs all simultaneously hatch at once.  When this happens, the parents are once again mobile, but constantly being followed by a cloud of baby peacocks.  The parents will defend their young for a few weeks more; they will defend the babies until they get so deprived of food that they have to start eating their young!  This is the point where the fry knows it is time to go take care of themselves.

Fry balls should be filling the canals right now, but it simply is not the case.  Instead, we still have plenty of fish guarding beds and even more fish somehow still in pre-spawn stages and getting ready to move onto new beds.  We never got a crazy stretch where all the fish spawned at once this year; instead, it has been a sporadic spawn that has lasted much longer than normal.  Last year, i stopped seeing beds in the first week of April. 

With that in mind, I think it will actually help the peacocks in the long run.  This time of year, the wind calms down and locals focus their efforts away from freshwater fishing and back to offshore.  The peacocks barely get messed with at all right now, and these new fish still spawning should have a pretty clear math to success without ever getting messed with.  Considering it was not a particularly strong spawn to start with, this should help this years class of peas turn out ok.

The water temps are up big time with canal temperatures in the low 70s in most places right now.  That makes for really fired up peacocks and healthy fishing.  Peacocks are very easy to convince with live golden shiners right now and now is a very interesting time of year to break out the topwaters. I particularly like throwing topwater in the summer months and the post-spawn period can be a particularly great time to nail a big fish on artificial.

The fly bite has also continued to be great with a lot of fish taken on fly this season over 5 Lbs.  Just the other day we managed to put a near 6Lb peacock on board taken on a clouser minnow and a 5 WT.

That’s all for now! Thanks for tuning in and looking forward to talking more soon.

Tight lines,
Capt. Scott

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