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2018 Chase N Tailz KDW/ SKA Fishing Report

Author: Mike Milewski

2018 Chase N Tailz KDW/ SKA Fishing report

This was the last SKA (Southern King Fish Association Division 10) tournament of our season. We were looking to move up the leader board in our SKA class. We knew we needed a 40 or 50lb king to get the job done.

The whole team was up and left the house at 3:00am to get to the boat. We were going to make a run north and work Loran Tower area as our first stop! We worked the area hard, however came up empty. We knew a few other teams already had some smokers in the box that were fishing off Juno ledge. After two hours we decided to make our move south to Juno. Unfortunately the bite had already slowed down. We kept grinding and working the area hard!   

We found a few smaller kings, but the monster smoker we wanted and needed was nowhere to be found.  We moved from spot to spot all over Palm Beach, but never found our King.

The rods were bent and the team had a blast even though we did not place.

However our team did qualify for the second year in a row for the Southern King Fish National Championship. We are very happy to qualify and looking forward to an even better SKA season next year.

All of our terminal tackle consists of bullbuster products. We use smoke blue 25lb mono on all of our kingfish sets. The mono is tied to 30lb or 40lb bullbuster fluorocarbon leader, which then is attached to our kingfish rig. We also use bullbuster wire (30 &50lb) and bullbuster barrel swivels to make our kingfish rigs.     

Thank you bullbuster for supporting Team Reel Dreams! We truly appreciate your support in following our fishing dreams!!

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